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Graduate School of Theology
  • email   tel 82-2-380-2513

    This professional graduate school aims at producing the ministers with expert knowledge of pastoral duties who study the theories and practices of theology and devote themselves to the development of the nation and the church.

    Aiming at producing the capable people who serve the Korean church and mankind, the graduate school teaches the theories and practices of theology on the basis of the spirit of the Restoration Movement for returning to the Bible. In foreign countries, a man who does not major in theology becomes a church leader if he receives a Master of Divinity degree. And in the country, a man at least with a Master of Divinity degree has qualifications for a church leader. So there is demand for Master of Divinity.

    We try to make a contribution to the theological world by training students as theologians of superior ability as well as ministers of good quality the church needs.

    Degree : Master of Divinity / Doctor of Theology

    Major fields of study

    Master of Divinity : Pastoral Theology (Literature, Physical Education, Music, Counseling)

    Doctor of Theology : Old Testament, New Testament, Church History, Systematic Theology, Practical Theology, Missiology,Christian Education, Christian Counseling.